Targeted Account Campaigns

TargetDo you have a financial class that is out of whack?  A problem payer with chronic rejections or denials?  Are you unsure if you have a denial problem? What about those credit balances? Does your state have specific reporting requirements and fines for non-compliance? We can help.

We can work with you to design a custom campaign to ensure timely results.  Our approach is to first understand the core issue through data analysis and staff interactions, then plan and execute a methodical and deliberate course of action.

Workflow Design & Deployment

The natural result of workflow that places an emphasis on relevant actions is a clean AR.  The “bonus result”, and the real value-add is a satisfied workforce who can pinpoint the value of their role everyday.

  • Identify, develop & reward your “stars”.
  • Team participation in solutions
  • Fun, practical, repeatable exercises
  • Demonstration of “almost immediate” results
  • Fundamental methodologies that endure

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